‘Stepping Out’

IMG_6483Been a bit of a hectic these last couple of days for me and I didn’t even manage to get out with the camera… not even once!

You see my sister in law is over here from Vancouver for one whole month and so we had a really early morning drive over to ‘Airwick Gatport’ as we affectionately call it to meet and greet her.

I will venture to share with you all though; that to compensate for this minor inconvenience I was presented with a litre bottle of 12 year old Balvenie malt whisky by our Carol for my trouble.

So you know what everybody? Life ain’t all that bad now is it?

To add one more issue into the mix though; I am currently looking to purchase a camper-van… and so then spent many hours reading and researching and viewing the various models available.

So in one way or another it has all been a bit of a blur for me ( that was without having partaken in any whisky tasting!) Then of course we are now all at various stages of tiredness! What with with Carol’s jet lag and our seemingly never-ending search for the perfect vehicle.

However, the happy family in today’s blog entry were in contrast quite harmonious towards one another. It almost looked like they were actually enjoying themselves?

Well at least the dad and his future son in law certainly seemed to be? Not too sure about the mum and daughter though if I’m being honest with you?

Anyway I really liked the fact that they were all walking through the high steet in this synchronised manner; each one in step with the other.

So I hope you are equally having a happy and stress free weekend; wherever you are, and whatever it is you happen to be doing?

It’s back to the hunt for this van for me! Now then…how far is Solihull form Portsmouth I wonder?

Happy Saturday everyone!

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