IMG_6317 Well now; Sunday sure comes round fast these days; and so here in my next family blog entry featuring our Megan; or Meg Mog as we all affectionately now know her!

Well actually that’s not completely accurate if I’m being honest with you! Her full title is ‘Meg Mog the little tiny frog’ (don’t even ask how we all came up with that one?)

Megan is now aged 7 and is at heart a real princess but would give almost anything to become a mermaid! She is the second eldest of our grandchildren and is a very sensitive and often hilariously funny little girl.

At this age though and despite appearances; toilet humour abounds! So anything relating to this topic immediately causes her to repeat what she has just heard ‘ad infinitum’ usually followed with her rolling around with her sister and brother in peels of laughter.

She is very creative child and is doing brilliantly well at her school. She is a gymnast a graded swimmer and a dedicated martial artist.

The image above was taken on the ‘vivid’ setting on my camera as she was sitting quietly in our garden and reading her Nan’s book on garden plants.

Yet another thing that seems to have taken her interest and stimulated her imagination.

This then is our Megan! And she like all of the kids…is loved unconditionally!

8 thoughts on “‘Megan’

  1. Lovely photograph, Bob! Ah, yes, I remember the seven-year-old stage and potty humor! I wonder what it is about that age, but a fire captain I used to date knew this love of toilet humor so well, that he could count on it to get laughs when he did fire education presentations at the local elementary school!

    • I have utilised it myself in the past Carissa and it certainly does have the desired effect on certain age groups.
      I had to laugh at our little grandchild Harri this weekend though. We all had a take away meal from the local chinese to celebrate a birthday. Harri casually walks over as we are all eating and laughing around the dining table and asks her mother “Mum…can I have some more porn crappers”
      Prawn Crackers will now never be the same. haha
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Always great to hear from you my friend
      x Bob

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