IMG_7531 I wanted to include this image of this little lad and his mum in tonight’s blog entry; because it made me laugh.

I took the shot over at Chichester where I had been walking quite close behind the pair just shortly before they both went into one of the local shops which were that day having a big sale.

Anyway, I just carried on past them and because it was still relatively early I decided to cross over the street and buy a coffee to take away with me. As I was just about to take a sip I saw again this mother and her son; only this time they were both leaving the store and heading back up towards me only on the pavement opposite me. It looked amusing to me because having now purchased her sale item in the form of this rather large box; his mpther had then wedged it firmly down the back of his buggy effectively cancelling any way for the little boy to actually now see her to enable eye contact.

I quickly dived across the street and standing inside one of the shop doorways I made some swift alterations to  my camera settings; before snapping this image.

The little boy you can see in the buggy was still chattering on ten to the dozen when i clicked the shutter; although every now and again he would suddenly stop; and attempt to turn himself around in his seat. He would then try to check if his mum (now well concealed by this rather large box) was actually listening to him or not!

I felt for her though; because she would then have to either peer over the top of this package in order to see her son and to reassure him or lean forward and look around the side of the box to try and engage with him.

This was one proper little chatterbox in every sense of the word!

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