‘Daddy’s Number 1″

L1080704Took my sister in law who is over from Canada and my better half and of course our little Beau down into ‘Gunwharf Quays’ today.

Fortuitously for us;  the weather here in Portsmouth had taken a turn for the better and this was immediately reflected in the sheer amount of visitors and local shoppers who were all out and about down there today.

In between chasing Beau when he was allowed out of his buggy to run free I somehow managed to take a couple of quite nice images. Some were of the many boats moored down there and lots of the activity in and around the harbour entrance.

But then as I was taking a photo of Carol and my missus standing with the ‘Spinnaker Tower” behind them; I was taken aback a little to see this one very brave individual in the photograph below who was doing some running repair work whilst perched almost at the top of this massive structure!

I actually felt slightly nauseous just looking up at him hanging in the air (170 m above) suspended only by one rope and attached to a harness.

OMG!!!  Brave chap or what?

I bet the view from up where he was suspended though would have been one to die for? Though maybe that’s not the best turn of phrase in these circumstances?


Anyway; as we were all walking back towards the restaurant area to grab an ice cream each I happened to spot this father and his little boy headed in our direction. I first noticed them as the little boy was carrying a yellow balloon and was wearing this rather distinctive slogan on his T-Shirt.

I didn’t have that much time available as I was pushing our little Beau in his buggy; but I did however manage to snap a reasonably acceptabler shot and felt I would like to include it tonight.

I’m still feeling a bit queasy about that fella up the top of the tower though. Just imagine if he fainted and needed rescuing eh?

Blimey! Could you imagine the size of the ladder they would need?? (Ha Ha!)

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