‘Summer Best’


Firstly…Apologies if anybody missed my blog entries for the last couple of days?

(Okay Okay! there’s no need for sarcasm you know; some kind soul out there might have noticed…it’s possible you know?)

Anyway; the reason being; was that we all went away together this weekend just the family that is; over to the New Forest.

We had rented a really beautiful six-bedroomed house in a place called ‘Bransgore’ which is very near to ‘Christchurch’

It had enclosed gardens and one massive bubbling hot tub; which let me tell you was a blessing to say the least; especially after being out and about walking all day then eventually getting the kids to bed.

However the only real negative about this location was that there was hardly any signal on our phones. In fact that which we did receive soon faded; and was really only ever intermittent in strength anyway (Bit like me really!)

Still it did us all good to switch off completely and to simply eat, drink and be merry!

I managed to introduce myself to this lady whilst we were out exploring the place and could’nt resist capturing her image for my entry this afternoon.

I was taken with her smartness and her choice of colours; and of course her really unassuming and sweet smile. When I asked if I might take her photograph to use on my blog page she replied “You don’t want to be taking photos of me…surely not?” I reassured her that I thought she looked amazing and I would be very pleased to include this image of her in her Summer best.

Just shortly after I left her sitting on this bench seat her taxi then arrived. I saw her pointing me out to the driver with her walking stick as he assisted her into the cab. Then she very kindly smiled and waved me goodbye as it drove her away.

Altough this lovely lady had explained to me earlier that she had no access to a computer I am just very pleased that she graciously allowed me to use this little capture.

So I thank her…and somehow I feel reasonably sure she would have liked it!

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