‘Messin in Mudeford’

L1080868 Sunday was spent over at ‘Mudeford Quay’ which is situated at the entrance to Christchurch Harbour and provides spectacular views out to sea and back to Christchurch town.

It has two distinct features each with their own unique character.

The Quay Head is the hub of visitor activity. A cluster of historic buildings providing a focal point and a local landmark. Most dating date back to
c.1695 (Haven Cottages) and c.1830 (The Haven House Inn)

Then the Fish Stall where traditional commercial fishing activity occurs as evidenced by the hundreds of lobster pots and fishing boats.

It also runs a busy Ferry service from the Quay and is the venue for dinghy enthusiasts and the venue where championships are held.

These kids in tonight’s blog had ridden down on their bikes and had been out on their boards running and skimming the shallow waters of the sand banks.

I captured this image whilst they were all enjoying their packed lunches; and this one young lad to the right of shot had decided to entertain his friends by demonstrating his ability to dance around whilst holding a container full of juice in his hand; and attempting to avoid spilling it’s contents.

As you can see from the marks already on the ground in the centre of the shot; others before him had tried but had not been quite so successful!

They all looked like they had thorougly enjoyed their day together at Mudeford.

Funnily enough though after eating the lunches which were removed from their back packs; I had to laugh as they then queued over at the fish and chip shop where they then pooled their money to purchase one very large bag of steaming hot chips which they had lashed with salt and vinegar before returning to this bench to sit together and share.

Eventually with just the empty paper remaining they stuffed this into a bin before cycling off in convoy back home together.

Happy days!

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