‘Tiny Dancers’

L1080755Chichester High street and I was out roaming around the town just checking out the shoppers and looking for any cheeky opportunities to snap a capture.

I then saw this young mother and her three little children strolling down towards the ‘hole in the wall’ cash machine. Stopping very conveniently alongside me she then drew the youngest child in the buggy towards her whilst she traced her card to insert into the machine.

She then clearly instructed the other two children to stay close and to wait where they were.

Impressively; they both stood obediently doing exactly as they had been told. Until the little boy picked up on a tune which he was obviously familiar with being played on guitar by a very talented busker who was performing just up the road from them all.

The tune he was playing was current and well known and with some very catchy hooks in the melody.

I did’nt really give it much more thought at the time until that was; obviously caught up in the chorus line this little boy and girl spontaneously began to dance together. It was hilarious to watch; they were just so funny doing all the various ballroom moves and twirls together which they had picked up and quickly mastered from somewhere?

Suddenly though in the midst of their dance routine the tune ended. Then unexpectedly this little lad leapt at his sister throwing his arms around her neck; and judging by her initial very wobbly reaction I think you could say she was a little surprised…to say the least?

Then they both fell about and started laughing uncontrollably at each other whilst their little sister looked on; somewhat amused at the spectacle she had just witnessed.

Checking the image on the screen I then nodded over towards mum. She then smiled back at me before gathering the kids back together again and carrying on with their day.

Got to go where the music takes you after all.

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