L1090133 This is our Kaden. The eldest of our four grandchildren.

Recently he celebrated his 10th birthday and is now at the age where he is very quickly bored and very easily distracted.

That said he has a really great sense of humour and you would be hard pressed to find a kid with a kinder nature. He adores anytime spent with his Dad and his little sisters and has an insatiable energy level.

His hobbies include playing games on his ipad mini which he got for Christmas; martial arts, swimming, reading, inventing incredible things, bartering at boot sales, and watching DVDs.

There are probably many other things he enjoys; but theses are some of the ones which he seems to enjoy most.

The photograph above was taken recently when we all went as a family over to the New Forest for a birthday celebration. Kaden had just come out of the ‘hot tub’ and changed into his ‘onsie’

He then decided that it would be a brilliant idea now that he was all clean and tidy again; oh and not wearing any shoes on his feet of course! That he would then see if he could climb to the top of the apple tree in the garden of our holiday home.

I walked over to the tree and had’nt even noticed him initially. He was so far up the tree that he could’nt be seen by the naked eye! I was then pelted with a crab apple and looked to see where the laughter was comong from only to see his smiling face above me. I then asked him to climb down a bit lower and I would get my camera.

When I returned shortly afterwards this is how I found him.

I really liked the contrast between the colour of his onsie and the leaves on the tree. Also the way that he is framed within it’s branches. He almost looks like a character from the lost boys in Peter Pan…don’t you think so?

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