‘The Break Up’

imageWe took Carol the ‘outlaw’ from Vancouver over to Arundel the other day.

It’s a beautiful place and if you like fine wine; Olde World Bars and some of the classiest Antique shops around?
This is definitely the place for you.

Now it is in such attractive places such as this that coaches full of students can often be seen drawing up in the car park directly alongside the booking office where the popular river boat cruises are all on offer.

Anyway having just parked up we found ourselves behind just such a coach party.

Within minutes of the many young German students embarking from it a row ensued between one of the young ladies and a certain young gentleman with whom she had been sitting.
The young lady (accompanied by her closest friends) then burst into tears and ran off into the seclusion of this cafe terrace and began to go into emotional melt down.

This image which I shot was taken as we were leaving soon after checking ticket prices for the boat trips.

Young love eh? It can certainly be emotionally intense and most definitely unpredictable?

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