‘Fast Food?’

IMG_7618There I was walking around the balcony areas over at Gunwharf Quays and looking out for a snap shot that might be of interest; when I decide to lean over the balcony and take a look at what was happening below?

I was particularly taken with the angle of this image showing a young mother and her little girl both of whom who had just taken a seat together directly underneath me.

The mum had ordered herself a fresh baguette roll and a drink and some chips on the side which she was obviously quite enjoying?

Her little girl sitting to the left in her high chair was initially nibbling on a chicken dipper; but had obviously then decided that she now fancied one of her mums chips which would definitely go down rather well as an accompaniment.

Eventually her mum selected one out for her and after blowing on the chip for a few seconds she then passed this over to her. The little girl chuckled and then proceded to dunk this into her tomato sauce.

Seconds later she was back pointing towards her mothers tray; only this time it was for a sip of her mothers coke.

I see now what they mean by ‘fast’ food especially when little kids are out lunching out with you. It’s actually you who needs to be ‘fast’ and not the food you recently ordered!

That’s if you ever hope to to get any of it down you that is!

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