‘Thai Food Festival’

L1090185After having had to cancel their last food festival due to the dreadful weather it was nice to see that this time there was to be no such disappointment; and the people of Portsmouth and it’s surrounding areas came in in their hundreds to help celebrate this massively poular event.

We decided that we should go down there just before mid-day and meet up with my daughter Jodie her partner Stef and our little grandson Beau; thinking maybe we could share some thai food for our lunch together?

The sights and sounds and the magnificent aromatic smells which accompany this festival always seem to draw people in; and the warmth and friendliness which surrounds the event only serves to further compliment the visitors overall experience.

I took many photographs that day. However the one which I have selected is of this particular thai food vendor who was offering up the most wonderful selection of choices. From a vast vegetarian selection; through to one particular favourite with the visitors down there to his stall…Barbeque pork!

During all of our time spent there that day this particular vendor could be heard above everything else repeatedly shouting to the assembled crowds;


He and his staff worked ‘flat out’ that day; just to keep up with demand.

We all had a brilliant time down there and as usual the Thai community pulled out all the stops to ensure the day was a memorable occassion for all who attended.

Obviously the old adage that the noisiest wheel gets the most oil appears to work?

Well it certainly did in this case.

Great people and a great day.

Congratulations to all involved.

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