IMG_6629This is our little Harri.

She has very recently started pre-school. In fairness now; of all our grand-children Harri is quite simply put; as crazy as a box of frogs.

That said she is undeniably adorable, funny, cheeky, moody, lairy, imaginative, creative, clever, quick thinking, and a wild bundle of pure energy.

When Harri visits us even for a short stay; every toy that we possess is taken out to play with; and the mayhem commences from the moment she steps foot into the door.

She dresses up several times on each visit and she always ensures that the toys upstairs attend a tea party. This is compulsory!

Chattering away to each toy she arranges cups and saucers on a blanket; and then she usually fills her teapot up with water from the bathroom taps before that is then filling up each of her invited picnic guests cups.

Biscuits and cakes then miraculously than find their way up the stairs and these are shared equally amongst her assembled guests; until Harri then becomes bored and decides that it’s time for a new game… only this time dressed as a princess? or a mermaid? or indeed whatever takes her fancy at the time.

Then spontaneously she will breeze down into our garden and begin riding around on Beau’s toy tractor for a while or maybe dig our garden up with his toy digger before then possibly over-feeding my Koi fish in the garden pond.

Then it’s usually time for another change of clothing…only this time she is a baby deer a sheep or a wild lion. All of which she has the appropriate apparel for.

Then it’s time to be arty and creative with her big sister Megan; and between them they then get out paints, crayons felt pens, oodles of paper, dried pasta, maybe lentils?

Oh and glitter! there’s always lots of glitter… and glue of course!

Meanwhile myself or my missus are both frantically trying to clear up behind her.

Yes indeed folks! When ‘Mad Harri’ arrives, everybody knows about it!

And when she eventually leaves us; having first negotiated a chocolate treat to take with her and her brother and sister who are both part of her personal ‘tag team’ then our home looks similar to the effects of a small whirlwind having visited upon us.

But despite the chaos she causes…we all love her to pieces!

I’m off now for a lie down I think…

7 thoughts on “‘Harri’

  1. She’s beautiful, inside and out. Your description of her antics is priceless; our almost-nine-month-old grandson wears me out when we’re together. I can only imagine how it’s going to get as he approaches Harri’s age. 🙂

    • You are going to have so much fun Cindi.
      I promise you that your grandson will be our Harri’s age much too quickly!!
      But oh the joy of their comapny… it is beyond words my lovely friend.
      Thanks again for your lovely words
      Bob x

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