IMG_5199Well now…my regular walks along the seafront usually never fail to bring something interesting to my attention.

And pleasingly this particular day was to be no different.

I was headed up to my little cafe where I can often get a seat by the window; and whilst enjoying a cup of their finest English Breakfast tea and an egg roll; I have ample time to sit and ruminate (At least I think that’s what I do?) as I relish this hot wholesome egg yolk bursting f it’s yellow goodness from each side of the roll then all over my fingers and eventually dripping onto the plate itself. (More serviette’s please waitress!)

Once burst I then smother this in pepper and quietly savour every mouthful.

Anyway…having ruminated a while I paid my bill, tipped the waitress, and headed back out on to the front to continue my stroll towards the fort and across to the ‘Sea Life Centre’

It was then I noticed these two professional nannies happily chatting to one another as they pushed these five babies along in an effort to get some fresh sea air into their little lungs and hopefully tire them all out ready for their late morning nap?

In the double buggy however only one of the children appeared tired enough to have actually nodded off; his dummy clamped firmly in his mouth.

His little twin though was having none of it. He had decided to raise his legs from underneath the blankets and to plonk them over towards where his brother was sleeping; determined to expose his bare feet and to waken him from his slumber?

The trio alongside these two were equally distracted from the objective of sleep and instead the little girl closest was busy checking out the bare feet which were now clearly exposed; the other two beside him were busy practicing their ‘hand bump’ technique with one another; although I must say that the little lad at the far end looked far from amused.

Anyway they were all occupied… they were all out in the fresh air and they were all headed for the cafe from which I had recently exited.

I wonder if the nannies had egg rolls or bacon banjos for their brekkie?

Whatever, I bet they didn’t get very much quality time to ruminate together?

Who’d be a nannie eh?

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