‘The Balcony’

IMG_6810Took this from inside my VW Transporter as I was headed back towards home.

There is a lot of renovation due to happen down here on our seafront; although it seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time to actually happen.

These premises in shot here are now converted flats; but used to be very plush and quite grand hotels in their time. It always amuses me when I think of how these flats are often listed though in the Estate Agent windows.

Details such as; this property is in a much sought after location and boasts panoramic views of the sea from the right outside your private balcony?

Now I don’t know about you? But I would not be feeling all that safe tripping outside from my little flat and onto this balcony; with a glass of wine in hand and another already on board… to admire the surrounding views!

Even the double doors leading out onto the thin balcony walkway open outwards?? So if it were me who just happened to be out there leaning forward to check something beneath; it would be guaranteed that my missus would open the door and I would remember absolutely nothing as I woke up in the local casualty department with several complex fractures… repeating the words; “Sorry Doc. But what did you say actually happened to me again?”

However, in contrast to myself; this young guy seems quite happy to be out there as he surveys the traffic below; whilst at the same time taking in the salt air being blown up off the beach opposite.

If ever I were to buy a flat here then maybe the ground floor might be the better option for me? Yes definitely! The ground floor it would be.

But then knowing my luck I would just be putting the bins out one evening and the guy on the balcony above me would then topple off and land on straight top of me.

So I would probably still end up in the hospital bed next to him? Only then I would be repeating “I can’t remember Doc. I think I was putting out my bins?”

9 thoughts on “‘The Balcony’

  1. This made me chuckle, just the imagery alone that you conjured with your hypothetical tale has added an interesting twist to your shot. It is a really low railing on that balcony isn’t it? Most unusual. Personally I would keep the double doors permanently locked!

    • Hello Bess
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely words. I hope that you are well my friend?
      I am pleased that I was able to give you a laugh, and glad my words translated the image I had in mind.
      Great hearing from you as always!
      Bob x

      • My pleasure Bob. I’m good thank you. Hope all is well with you too. One day I’ll actually stay caught up with everybody, but it’s been a very busy year so far with no end in sight yet. Next step: emigrate to the US. Yikes! Never let it be said I do things by halves…
        It is most certainly lovely to hear from you too. I do enjoy your wonderful photography, always puts a smile on my face.
        All the best.
        Bess x

    • Wow; thank you Reenie! I am so pleased to hear that you liked this image.
      But then hearing from you is always a special treat!
      Hope that you are well?
      From one if your many fans
      Bob xx

    • Mike my friend. Thank you so much for your continued encouragement. Writing something which seems relevant is always a bit if a struggle. However, when I hear feedback such as your own; I feel motivated to continue to improve.
      Great hearing from you and I hope life is good for you?
      Take care my friend

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