‘Tree Bows’

IMG_7520We took the Canadian ‘outlaw’over to the model village the other day. It’s actually just up beside the canoe lake in Southsea. The elderly staff who run the cafe there and who are responsible for providing the tickets to this venue were such genuinely lovely people. They definitely made our visit that much more pleasant.

Now our Carol had’nt been there since before she emigrated from these shores all those years ago and so was keen to take a look.

It’s a quaint and funny old attraction which has sadly suffered it’s fair share of mindless vandalism over the years; mostly during the shool holidays when many more youngsters are around and so there is inevitably that minority who decide it would be a laugh to climb over the walls there as a dare; and damage the tiny dwellings inside.

We took our Beau with us as well and this was his very first visit. He being only two was in awe of the ‘Thomas the Tank Engine Trains” and the little trams which chugged along over hills and underneath bridges which cover the landscaped scenery.

Anyway after all of this minituarised excitement we ahd some beverages and started to head off towards the ‘Butterfly Museum’

On route though I stopped to snap this photograph of this grandad and his grandson both foraging together through the leaves in search of any fallen acorns; and completely engrossed.

This time of year the acorns do fall but are still quite green encased within their tiny cups.

These are usually gathered anytime from September until early spring and are particularly good to eat when about 1 to 2 inches long.

I personally have enjoyed this leisurely pastime with my own grandchildren and I am still amazed today at just how excited kids still can get trying to find the best of the harvest.

It’s moments such as this when I appreciate that it isn’t always about visiting attractions and taking boat rides and supplying sweets and treats and ice creams etc.

It’s simply about being together with them and sharing an experience with nature One which no doubt this little boy will always remember and possibly look back on in the years to come.

So well done you guys..Take a bow!

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