‘The Scrum’

L1080932They say that the families that play together stay together. Well if that is to be believed then ours is destined to stay together for quite a while; if this shot is anything to go by?

This was taken in the pub gardens of a pub in the New Forest called ‘The Three Tuns’ We were initially waiting at the garden table having ordered up our lunches; but then we got bored.

Kylie (my sons wife) though was at the time was sitting quietly on the grass but was then stealthily approached by my son. Who having successfully snuck up on her; then collapses on top of her.
(Lucky for Kylie though taking his body weight on his arms.)

They are then joined by their two little daughters Megan and Harri and in turn my wife who promptly takes her position in this friendly family scrum; whilst the patrons of ‘The Three Tuns’ look on in dismay.

My daughter Jo and my sister in law Carol then start moving in to join the mele; as does our grandson Kaden looking decidedly mischievous in his intention?

Meanwhile Stef (my daughters boyfriend) watches on laughing loudly whilst looking after their son Beau who was at the time ensconced in his pushchair; but desperate to join in.

Family eh? You gotta love em!

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