‘Monumental Decision’

IMG_7923Hi to anyone visiting my blog today.

I took the last couple of days out after saying goodbye to an old friend whom I have known for many many years. Always sad to bid farewell to those with whom we have shared so much of our lives with.

I was also most grateful to those of you who unprompted still offered such kind words of support. (You know who you are?)

‘Old friends’ so the song goes…”They mean much more to us than the new friends. Because they know who you are; and they can see where you’ve been”

So today I decided I would take a leisurely though reflective visit to ‘The City of Winchester’ with my missus Julie.

We shared a spot of lunch before then taking a stroll through town eventually ending up sitting listening to the Winchester boys choir who were practising at their school behind the Cathedral. We then took the route alongside the gorgeous and very tranquil water meadows.

On our way though I noticed this young woman sitting at the the memorial monument which is situated in the absolutely stunning grounds of Winchester Cathedral. For some reason the image of her sitting there really did seem to resonate with me; and I wanted to capture her facial expression.

She looked like she might have been mulling over something really important? Maybe she was struggling to find an answer perhaps?

Whatever it might have been I was pleased to have managed to capture this shot as virtually as soon as I had taken it; she then stood up dusted herself down and walked off through the grounds and towards the High Street.

6 thoughts on “‘Monumental Decision’

  1. I always enjoy your photos, although I do not always comment. This one is particularly good.

    Sorry you have lost an old friend, but pleased to read that you have enjoyed a day out with your wife.

    My Wonderful Husband’s health is very precarious, so it makes me try me best to get the most out of every day, within what is possible.

    (sorry to sound a bit maudlin).

    • You’re not maudlin at all. It’s never easy when we care for someone and their health is suffering.
      I am sure that your husband will be aware of your anxiety but also reassured that you are doing all that you can in the circumstances?
      Thank you for your kind words about my friend and also for being so complimentary about my photographs.
      You take care and remember as long as we are doing our best then that’s a that truly matters.
      Keep in touch and please look after yourself my friend.
      Warm regards

  2. My thoughts are with you Bob. Big decisions often require big sacrifices I suppose. You take care for now, and keep doing what you love, and you do so well. Looking forward to your next shot my friend.
    Bess x

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