‘Piercing Stare’

Winchester and we were making our way down to the market to buy some fresh fruit.

Now strangely I never know if it is my attitude which changes when I visit this place; or if it’s people’s attitudes that change towards me?

Whatever it is; I do seem to interact much more comfortably with strangers here than I would normally tend to do say over in Portsmouth?

So anyway there I was chatting happily away to complete strangers and actually enjoying the friendly banter being so easily generated and exchanged; when I spot this young fella strolling somewhat despondently towards the traffic lights where he was about to cross. The lady in shot (just another stranger I presume) then began to read what was on his advertising board and jokingly suggested that it was not really her thing.

The young lad smiled at her before they crossed over the road together chatting and smiling together. Eventually though he cut off to meet up with another young guy who was also out advertising in the high street; only his was to do with women’s lingerie?

Good on them both though…because despite what they were out there advertising; although this might not have been to everybody’s interest; at least they were out there working and earning a few quid?

Oh and talking to strangers of course!

So remember that there’s no need for any of us to to feel were on your own in the world!

It’s quite simple…just look for the signs!

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