‘Stef and Beau’

IMG_5055This was our Beau and his Dad in the swimming pool outside of our apartment in Mauritius.

Luckily for us the weather there was always really hot; and consequently that pool got some extensive use by us all.

In fact Beau was never out of it! At that particular time he was having swimming lessons back in UK and so we wanted to ensure that we encouraged him in and helped him build his self confidence as much as we all could?

We each entertained him in there for hours and even invented a game called ‘find the fish’ which he absolutely loved to do and laughed uncontrollably every time.
We would pretend that there was a fish in the filter recess at the end of the pool and put our hand inside.

Then we would slap our hands around a bit which he obviously couldn’t see; then we would wait for him to concentrate before asking “Can you hear the fish Beau?”

Then we would slap the hand side to side really fast from out of the recess and across the top of the pool towards him. He just never ever seemed to tire of it; asking each of us in turn…”eh eh Fish game peeze!”

This shot though was of Beau and his Dad Stef; when I managed to catch them both having a kiss with each other.

Only of course after Beau had yet again just persuaded his Dad to play the dreaded fish game!

Good times!

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