‘Street Tweets’

IMG_6581Osbourne Road in Southsea; and like many places in and around the area; buildings which have long since been levelled and are now no longer in existence remain boarded up with large expanses of bland grey hoarding.

As some wait for planning permission to be granted the structures which are erected serve to do little or nothing to enhance; or to visually stimulate the local environment.

I was really pleased therefore when I saw this ‘Street Art’ had appeared and as I have stated in a couple of my previous blogs I have nothing but admiration for the under-rated and visually obvious talent of the artist involved. Also for the original clever and imaginative use of subject material.

In this case the inclusion of these two individuals in their bright and vivid colours; each sitting down with their backs pressed against the wall whilst delicately supporting these three small birds suspended on a piece of string which is tied with a single knot onto each of their fingers.

I would love to be able to think art like this could somehow remain; but sadly and as far as I am aware; this would not seems to be the case here in Portsmouth?

I think that the people who use the shops in this area and the local residents where such ‘Street Art’ appears; should have a system to vote for any art which they feel deserves recognition?

I would be all for these artists being awarded some sort of appreciative gesture of encouragement perhaps?

This…to me at least; justifies real talent and such visual interpretations generally seem make people smile and to feel happy. Many often stop to admire or in my case to photograph these pieces for posterity.

So I would really like it if someone could look at a way of ensuring the artists involved receive the relevant appreciation for brightening up these otherwise dull uninteresting and mundane empty spaces.

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