‘Rainbows End’

IMG_3773This shot was too irresistible for me to ignore.

These two little characters were left outside the shops and safely secured to the metal frame of this bench. I wanted to try and get a photograph of the owner returning to greet them but having waited a fairly long time this did not seem to be materialising?

What I was most impressed with though was that they neither dog was interested nor distracted by anyone who stopped to admire them or attempted to gain their attention.

Instead; they sat exactly where they had been left; with their eyes fixed firmly on the shop doorway; waiting obediently and faithfully for their owners return from shopping.

Anyway I decided to snap this shot of them before I moved on because I thought that they both looked so adorable just sitting there together. On my way back shortly afterwards the dogs had gone. Obviously now re-united with their owner and presumably en-route home to grab some food and maybe take an afternoon siesta together?

The little dog bone shaped silver id tags which both were wearing; stated they were both from an address known as ‘Rainbows End’

Two extremely well-behaved little pots of gold in this case then? And each just sitting patiently awaiting collection?

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