‘If Music Be’

IMG_7903Winchester High street seems to have it’s fair share of buskers; some with very obvious talent… and others maybe not so much?

Either way the people of Winchester are often quite generous to the musicians and entertainers whop grace their City. Hence on my recent visit I counted at least half a dozen such individuals as I walked the length of the town centre.

For myself; it is always a difficult choice; (as I have stated in previous blogs) to know which if any; to give some of my spare change to?

The chap in the foreground of this shot looked rather more needy to me than most; and had an old piece of cardboard in front of him declaring that he was ex-military, homeless and seeking work?

I struggle when I see this! Because if this was indeed the case in question it is a very sad indictment on our society?

Of course anyone of us reading this today could potentially fall upon hard times? And were this to be the case then desperate times would indeed call for desperate measures.

I further appreciate that there are also many unscrupulous individuals who might use such situations to their advantage; knowing that the public in general are quite sympathetic and will often contribute favourably; believing that they are helping?

I’m not sure what the answer is if I am being honest with you?

Suffice it to say that often the offer of a cup of hot tea and something warm to eat can sometimes be better recieved for those genuinely in need of our help and support?

Personally I have on several occassions introduced myself and engaged them in conversation. Finding those with whom I have spoken with to be both polite; and genuinely appreciative of such gestures.

With our weather on the turn and the temperatures plummeting; I do struggle to think how it would feel to be alone and without a home or a family?

I feel extremely fortunate that I am able to enjoy all the things I have in my life today; and such people can serve as a cautionary reminder to me that I must never take anything for granted!

None of us should ever forget just how quickly our often blissful lives can be changed?

Changed forever… in the blink of an eye!

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