‘Bin to Lunch?’

IMG_7910Now I personally have had lunch in some interesting locations; but I did feel for this woman who had decided that this was the best place for her to enjoy her ‘take away’ lunch before settling down and losing herself in her book?

I mean “C’mon” for goodness sake; there surely has to be somewhere nicer to sit in the great City of Winchester than here in amongst the bins?

Worse still; directly in front of this unusual choice of eating venue runs the main road through the town and which is always choked up with lorries and cars belching out their unsavoury exhaust fumes. All this whilst she happily sits in close proximity to this selection of waste bins each one giving off their delicate aromas of discarded food waste and a variety of other unmentionable pungent odours!

But despite my own personal concerns and reservations; I can only assume that she was quite content to remain there with her book in the tranquility of this quaint and somewhat unusual choice of dinner venues?

I can just imagine her returning after her break and her colleagues saying to her “Nice Lunch?” “Mmmm yes thank you…very fragrant!”

8 thoughts on “‘Bin to Lunch?’

  1. Haha, fantastic! What a place to eat your lunch, I love the fact that she’s sat the end closest to the bins too šŸ™‚

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