‘Fashion Statement’

IMG_3759I had to include at least one image of this wonderful colourful character who I frequently see during my visits in and around Chichester.

I know not who she is? But what I do know is that she loves to shop for the latest fashion items. She is a very attractive looking woman unique and individual in her style.

And each time I see her; to me at least; she always looks impressive; and her presence, memorable.

This is a lady who always dresses well and who regularly has her hair styled. She is a lady who really enjoys looking good. I’m always impressed with the little accessories and individual details which she adds to her outfits; and which serve to further compliment the overall appearance.

She seems to be well known in the area; and is a person whom people will usually take the time to stop and greet; maybe to compliment her on her hair or her most recent choice of attire. Just as this young lady was doing when I snapped their image.

The little girl in shot however was not so impressed! In fact she was physically pulling her mother away from yet another discussion she was hoping to avert. Much more interested in them getting to wherever they were headed next.

Anyway…I personally have absolutely no idea about colours or indeed about fashion; or what colour goes and what doesn’t? (I just adore characters such as this.)

My daughter and my wife on the other hand; are both past masters in this field and would no doubt get totally how this woman just seems to almost effortlessly remain…’on trend’?
(See I know all the jargon!)

I am quite simply at a loss as to know how this woman can wear all of these colours and still manage to look so smart and classy?

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