IMG_7992I drove over to Fareham shopping precinct yesterday and after meeting up with a friend for coffee; I decided to take a look through the town for any photo opportunities.

Luckily I managed to shoot a couple of interesting images of a young guy who was playing his violin in a somewhat cavalier style supporting the instrument below his shoulder. He was noticeably talented and his soothing music brightened up the dullness of the day. I dropped a few coins of my spare change into his open violin case on the ground by his feet and he smiled whilst nodding his approval.
(Nice guy… and a good fiddle player too!)

I carried on walking around the centre although in truth I didn’t really see much more that day which was of any great interest to me. In fact it was all quite uneventful.

The weather by then was also beginning to change and the rain had started to fall; and so I decided to return to my van which I had parked up at the top of the town and make another cup of coffee for myself.

I did however stop to take a shot of a rather officious looking guy who was tidying away some of the remaining protesters boards which had strategically been hammered into the lawns outside the City Council Offices after a recent large public meeting was held; and where tempers had frayed at a proposed plan to build 6,000 new homes very near to their town.

Anyway I then noticed that some development work was being carried out at the local library and so as past I literally did a point and shoot through the mesh fencing which had been placed around the structure itself for safety.

When I returned home I downloaded the images and was taken in particular with this one; which I have titled ‘Apparition’ I thought it made for an interesting and somewhat curious looking image.

I didn’t even see this person when I took the shot!

Or was he indeed there at all?

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