‘Black Swan’

IMG_8032This gorgeous creature and it’s mate have recently taken up residence in ‘Canoe Lake’ and are creating quite a stir locally. We popped over today with our grandson Beau and our daughter Jodie. luckily I managed to grab a shot or two as they were gathered hoping for bread.

All swans are indeed beautiful and these were no exception.

Stunning to see them up close and in contrast with the pure white breed we are so used to seeing on our frequent visits here.

These two however are like local celebrities. I have never seen so many photographers out with their cameras and extra long lenses. We even saw one from our local newspaper clicking away at a variety of angles.

It’s surprising to see that they were all sufficiently motivated to make their way down there today; and then to spend some quality time with other visitors simply admiring the grace and sheer elegance of this captivating pair.

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