‘Chip Anyone?’

IMG_8020This was taken when we decided to go to the seafront for our lunch.

After I parked up the van; I immediately whacked the kettle on to make us all a hot drink. Meanwhile our Beau went with his nan and his mum to purchase some of Southsea’s finest chips (without exception)

Luckily for us the place was not too busy when we got there; and so we were soon all back in the van with the radio on enjoying the sea air with the sliding door open to the elements.

Very quickly though; we were visited by one solitary starling who initially came and perched on the side mirror and was obviously scouting out a possible food source for his mates. Sure enough over they all came swooping in and chattering away to one another excited at the prospect of joining us for lunch?

My daughter Jodie then sat with our Beau on the step of the van together. And after only a short space of time they had gained the starlings confidence sufficiently enough for them to take chips from their fingers before then flying off to consume them. (The birds that was who flew off you understand…not our Jodie and Beau)

So it only goes to prove once again that for the meagre price of a bag of chips a sausage and a pea fritter; we all ended up having a very enjoyable couple of hours out in the fresh air. Beau even got to know the local wildlife as well into the bargain.

“Chip Anyone?”

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