IMG_4668Found myself out walking early today and having parked up near the ‘Hot Walls’ I decided to stroll over to the little cafe in Old Portsmouth to grab a hot drink.

I always enjoy walking here as the ships and the ferries entering the harbour are so close that you can clearly see all of the passengers on board and watch them getting themselves organised to disembark.

It was really bright down there today and despite feeling slightly nippy; it was nonetheless very pleasant and as always enjoyable to see so many people out and about. I carried on looking over the top of the walls when amusingly I saw an elderly couple gingerly making there way across the hard pebbles with arms outstretched shoulder high spinning and gesticulating to maintain their balance. Looking almost like they were rehearsing some complicated ‘Torville and Dean” ice skating routine?

In fairness to them though those pebbles do hurt your feet. Eventually they arrived at the waters edge they both plunged head long into the sea; then turning they both back-stroked confidently away from to a more suitable depth

(Brrrrr!) “Bloody brave to do that”…I thought to myself as I tucked my cold hands deeper inside my warm coat pockets.

There are a steep set of steps at the completion of this particular stroll and so I stood momentarily looking below. It was then when I noticed this group of individuals with a young child in it’s pushchair.

They were each enjoying a coffee so I thought that this might make for an interesting composition?

I set the camera up and pointed the lens in their general direction; and luckily both of the guys at exactly the same time; suddenly raised their extended fingers to shade their eyes from the sun… as if in a military salute.

The young woman however remained sitting in all together more reflective pose; obviously deeply in thought?

By the way; these archways which you can see in shot are soon to be developed as little individual shops and galleries where visitors will be able to shelter and browse at their leisure. Personally I think that this will prove to be really popular and will give local artists and small business enterprise’s the opportunity to set up in what has to be a premium location?

So to the people who dreamed up this forward thinking and most imaginative initiative…We salute you!

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