IMG_7927 The City of Winchester and in the grounds of the Cathedral sit a multitude of students form King Alfred’s College; most reading papers and taking lunch.

This young woman though had positioned herself alongside the graffiti on the wall which rather untidily spelled out the word ‘TAFF’

Now Taff to me; is associated with a “Person from Cardiff or Wales generally?)? However, I thought I might look up the definition; and interestingly enough came up with the following.

TAFF (acronym/abbreviation/slang word) More precisely – British slang for a resident of Cardiff and it’s environs (from the River Taff) which runs through it). Derived from the days when Cardiff was the busiest sea port in the world (due to it’s coal exports) “Taff” or “Taffy” was a reference to the workers on the docks.

A common misconception though is that all people from Wales are called Taff?


People from North Wales are commonly known as ‘Gogs’ because North in Welsh is ‘Goggledd’.

In the urbandictionary.com it does state that there is also a rumour that TAFF stands for…’Thick as F****** F***’

Not the sort of thing one expects to see daubed upon the Cathedral walls here in the beautiful City of Winchester.

And as with one of my previous blogs featuring another woman captured eating her lunch amongst a line of rubbish bins??? I think it only fair to respectfully point out to this particular young woman in today’s shot; that she might need to be more alert to the possible underlying messages of such words painted on any other brick walls; where she may choose to relax and progress her studies in the future?

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