IMG_7904Now when you woke up this morning you most probably stretched out your arms and after that first refreshing morning cuppa you probably then headed for the shower to revitalise yourself and prepare to meet your day?

The next thing which most of us might consider might be exactly what it was we were going to wear? Taking into consideration of course the recent change in our weather conditions.

Anyway, if there are certain individuals I truly like and indeed admire; then it would be those whom I personally consider to be somewhat different and utterly carefree in their choice of attire?

This then is Winchester high street; and walking directly towards me I spot this snappily dressed woman; who in my opinion at least ‘stood out from the crowd’

With these amazing piercings in both her ears and in her nose and with her body art tattoo’s; she is most definitely not the average shopper which Winchester is used to seeing.

Therefore her presence did create a few noticeable backward glances.

I loved the expression of the guy walking directly behind her who was obviously checking her out and looking singularly undecided as to exactly what he thought of her unique choice of fashion statement?

Long may we have characters such as this lady because they truly do challenge the average high street fashion shop look which the majority of people in this neck of the woods at least; often tend to adopt?

OMG..I bet she could brighten up your average Winchester ladies coffee morning!

4 thoughts on “‘Different?’

  1. I think the facial expression of the chap behind your quirky model is quite interesting too! Very nice shot Bob. You have a great eye for characters, the kind you would want to write about in a story. It’s great that some people don’t fall in with convention, it adds interest to life as you say, and of course gives us something to photograph!
    Hope you’re doing alright this fine Saturday night. Off to see the big fireworks display in Littlehampton this evening. Hopefully no rain this year! x

    • So pleased you took the time to leave a comment on my blog image for tonight.
      I love to pick out characters and for me they are always memorable.
      I agree about your comment in not being conventional.
      Hope the fireworks went well for you?
      If you got any photos then I shall look forward to seeing them maybe Bess?
      Enjoy the remainder of the weekend my friend

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