‘The Castle’

L1090093Now let me tell you! When it comes to building a sand-castle in this family; then it’s all hands to the pump!

This shot was taken during our recent visit over to the New Forest where we spent the day over on the beach near ‘Highcliffe Castle’ (arguably an altogether larger, more grandiose, and certainly more impressive structure than the our little offering featured here in tonight’s blog?

However folks; I can assure you that when they were building their castle they certainly never had so many willing volunteers wishing to be involved? From planners; through to structural engineers; all of us were in some way linked in to this process!

Yes this was indeed a family affair; and one in which everyone had their individual parts to play.

Sadly whilst putting up this image I began to reflect on the fact that it is going to be quite some time now before we can all get ourselves down onto the beach again?

As you are all no doubt aware; the clocks went back one hour at 2am this morning? So we can all now look forward to those long awaited darker evenings and to a significant drop in temperatures. (NICE!)

Ah well! It was fun whilst it lasted and hopefully the beach will still be there for us when the weather returns? Then we can go back even better prepared and see if we can’t produce an even bigger and more elaborate castle the next time?

Who knows? It might be so impressive that we give ‘Highcliffe’ a run for their money?

We might even charge an entrance fee!

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