‘Fiddle Player’

IMG_7987Fareham shopping centre and I hear the sweet sound of the violin drifting across the precinct as I head over towards the shopping mall.

Now as anyone who follows my blog will already be aware; I fully endorse and support street entertainers; and I will always stop and give any small change I might have because I think that they deserve some appreciation and recognition for their art.

On each occasion after doing this; I might ask if they would mind my taking their photograph and in quite a few cases; if the musicians is able; I might engage them in polite conversation?

In this way I get to meet some very interesting characters whilst on my travels; some of whom are truly talented individuals.

This guy was very friendly and seemed to appreciate the common courtesy offered. I did get to speak briefly to him for a few minutes; but as he was working at drawing in the punters who were out on the street; I backed off leaving him to it; he nodded his approval.

Their were several mums out that day with small children; many of whom were standing listening whilst searching through their purses and coat pockets to retrieve any coins or small change to drop into this chaps violin case.

It’s always evident that most people do seem to appreciate talent such as this guy had to offer and are only to pleased to reward such initiatives.

I love to see musicians and street performers whenever I am out; and look forward to seeing many more individuals out there entertaining the public on this the lead up to Christmas?

OMG…did I just say the dreaded ‘C word?’

Sorry folks; but it’s really not that far away now is it?

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