‘Tie-Dye or Stripes’

IMG_4273Chichester town centre and I had just finished enjoying my weekly fix of vegetable pasty and coffee; whilst of course busily checking out the many different characters who were out and about at the shops.

As I was disposing of my empty coffee carton and serviette into the receptacle outside the cafe I happened to look up ahead of me to observed these two women who at first were walking briskly and chatting to one another; suddenly stop dead in their tracks! Then the lady who you can see wearing these rather fetching stripy pants in a very serious manner answered her mobile phone.

Walking on a little further in their general direction I was thinking about the composition of the shot and the fact that as both women were kind of similar in their choice of clothing; It might be interesting to take a photograph?

At the same time however, and quite fortunately for me; this elderly woman was by this time almost alongside the pair herself taking a coy little glance over at the ‘tie-die’ jeans worn by the friend of this lady on her phone.

Then obviously feeling at a loose end she quickly retrieves her own mobile phone from the bag around her shoulder; and commences busily texting. Unaware of this elderly ladies attention.

The perfect opportunity I thought to myself snapping the shutter of my camera as I reached point which I felt was close enough to my subjects?

I must be honest with you though; the expression in the ladies eyes behind her large sunglasses was somewhat daunting. In fact I was unsure if it was due to my presence or to do with the caller she was addressing?

I am aware that there’s always the possibility I might be challenged whilst snapping such situations; however, fortunately for me on this particular occasion; no dialogue was evident; and so I felt quite pleased to have managed to capture this image published above for my blog entry this evening?

“PHEW…I could have been seeing stars instead!”

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