‘SouthCoastDubs Campover’


Arrived at the Halloween two day camp-over; held at West Meon; and organised by the ‘South Coast Dubbers’ and bright warm sunshine. This was one of the warmest ‘Halloween’s’ for many years apparently?

IMG_8205Met our new neighbours, Steve, Cheryl, Tommy and Keira. Also Sean who helped us get ourselves organised with the awning for our T4 van.

IMG_8203Got involved in setting up the marquee tent. And I thought our awning was complicated?

IMG_8217This was the first lady we met who had obviously put a lot of thought into her fancy dress for the evening.

IMG_8209Our Beau was fascinated with all the various people wearing their ‘Spooky’ outfits. Initially he was a bit alarmed but that didn’t last too long.

IMG_8230A face only a mother could love! This is who greeted me at the bar whilst I waited for my drinks. Apparently though, despite having had a brilliant evening she had to retire a bit early that evening; due to her enjoyment of the celebratory halloween beverages? Great eyes though eh?

IMG_8231These were such nice people but complete ‘Nutters’

IMG_8233Taken out the window of the seat where we were all sitting.

IMG_8244Battle Scarred!

IMG_8248Superb entertainment by this local band. Brilliant pub on site offering’Two for One’ meal deals and two days camping. All for the princely sum of £10!
(I think I could get to like this club!)

IMG_8262Beau and his Mum getting into the halloween Spirit.

IMG_8279Our daughter Jodie’s handy work.

IMG_8287Just one of the many superb examples of van on view.

IMG_8288Absolutely stunning VW Splitty!

IMG_8293Loved this van.

IMG_8295Just one of the necessities when owning these iconic vehicles.

IMG_8290Formula VEE

IMG_8297Just amazed at the skill of the guy who did this uniquely creative finish. ‘CARTOONIEZ.CO.UK’ Talented or what?


IMG_8304Beau and his Dad take a break after a long walk together checking out the campervans on site.

IMG_8306Just liked this image taken at sunset on the first evening.

IMG_8310Mimi’s pride and joy. The bonnet design is a one off and was signed by Phil Kyle but which she holds the copyright for.
Phil is at ‘Magnum Opus Tattoo Brighton England.
Check them out on WWW.MAGNUMOPUSTATTOO.COM (Just Phenomenal)

IMG_8315‘That’s all VOLKS!!’

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