‘Time to go Beau?’

IMG_8169Down at Hamble the other day where we had taken our Beau with us. He had really enjoyed being able to have his lunch in the back of the van and then to take a long walk along the harbour wall past the ferry and onto the beach. He spent ages thoroughly enjoying himself just throwing pebbles into the sea. Meanwhile his Nan patiently selected the best ones available for ‘skimming’.

He then suddenly stopped motionless in his tracks as the new RNLI lifeboat suddenly drew up by the pontoon directly in front of him;  better still though the crew on board all waved at him! To say that he was beside himself; would have been an understatement!

His day was well and truly made I would say.

So anyway; we waited around until the lifeboat eventually pulled away and headed back out to open water and I casually said to him “Okay Beau; it’s time we got going now I think” at which point he promptly lay himself down on his back on the ground; refusing point blank to move any further.

Then came the sad face and the fake crocodile tears. These two ladies in the shot were none too sure what to make of these cruel grandparents who were showing little or no empathy to the plight of this poor abandoned child lying flat out in their line of direction.

After some persuasion though I eventually convinced him that the ice cream van was just around the corner and so we were off and would see him later! Then we turned away from him and shouted “Bye Beau”

Like a flash he was up and grabbing at our hands. Looking up and smiling broadly; the sad face had now gone and there wasn’t a tear in sight!

Talk about dramatics!

2 thoughts on “‘Time to go Beau?’

    • He is such a little actor Carissa; but to be in his company is such a joy!
      You ‘re right though they do make you laugh the way they protest when things don’t go there way?
      He is a lovely kid to be with despite his antics on occasions!
      So nice of you to stop by and comment. Thank you my lovely friend
      Bob x

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