Out in Southsea today and paid a visit to the D-Day Museum. This was open to everyone yesterday and was completely free to all who wished to visit.

For those who are not local to the area in my opinion this is well worth the trip as a family; bearing in mind your children can enter for free.

It was opened in 1984 by Queen Elizabeth The Queen mother, it tells the story of Operation Overlord during the Normandy D-Day landings.

We have visited on several occasions now and I still find it such a fascinating place to spend an hour or two in reflection.

Not so long ago I happened across a film crew out on the beach at Eastney. At the time they were filming a few of these incredible and remarkable veterans for a National television advertisement to highlight recent funding which had been awarded to good causes.

It would be difficult to imagine one more worthy than this one…Would it not?

All of these men featured in tonight’s images were involved in the D-Day landings and some were actually on the many landing craft which alighted the beaches that very day. The film crew stated that these veterans were some of the most gracious and humble individuals they had ever had the privilege to work with.

I did get the opportunity to speak with one or two myself; albeit briefly; and to shake some of them by the hand.

I was however fortunate enough to get to speak with one or two of their relatives; who were a joy and just so immensely proud of them all.  Understandably of course.

Such men are true legends; every last one of them!

It is truly humbling to recall the sacrifices which were made to ensure our peace and freedom.



2 thoughts on “‘Veterans’

    • Yes indeed Eric! I find it hard to even begin to understand such bravery.
      I hope that you are well and still enjoying all your many pastimes and interests?
      Lovely to hear from you; and thanks so much for keeping on touch.
      Warm Regards

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