‘Wooly Panda’

IMG_4240Brrr it was a bit colder today over in Chichester. I was strolling around and checking out some of the sights and feeling warm and content; having just enjoyed my obligatory coffee and pasty.

In weather such as this I normally don my waterproof jacket and flat cap as this headwear allows me a certain degree of anonymity. I can simply tilt my head forward and pretend to be adjusting the settings on the camera. There is then little or no direct eye contact; and having already pre-focused i’m then ready to fire off a shot at any and all unsuspecting passers by.

So true to form; up towards me walks this young fella wearing this superb hand knitted wooly ‘pom-pom’ panda hat. I couldn’t really have been any closer truth be known; and so was quite pleased to have captured this image for tonight’s blog.

Well now I have decided to start looking out for headwear and then using this as one of my feature blogs for the future? Especially now that the weather has turned; it would seem there will no doubt be a plethora of styles for me to choose from. Now though, I just need to think up an appropriate title!

Until then ladies and gentleman I shall put my thinking cap on…So watch this space!

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