‘Beautiful Morning?’

IMG_5202This was the sort of day when knowing that the Autumn Internationals were being televised this very afternoon; I felt I should not waste the opportunity to get up and take myself over to Southsea; where I might breathe in some clean healthy fresh air?

It really was a beautiful morning; and surprisingly the seafront walk which I tend to favour; was far from busy. In truth I seemed to be walking for quite a while until I see heading up towards me this rather serious somewhat dour couple?

As I had the camera at waist level I pointed it in their general direction and took my shot. They however remained completely expressionless; probably thinking me slightly weird taking my pictures of an otherwise baron promenade?

I then cheerfully pipe up “Hello there; beautiful morning?” SILENCE ensued…Not one iota of verbal response forthcoming? Instead they casually glanced over at me and then returned to their walk obviously not wishing to respond. I just stood there momentarily puzzled as they both strode by and continued on their way.

“Ah well” I said to myself; maybe they didn’t hear me? Or maybe they just weren’t in the mood for conversation?

It takes all sorts though I suppose? I shan’t let them get me down though I thought!

There’s still the rugby for me to watch this afternoon eh? “C’mon Scotland!!”

Somehow I didn’t see either of this couple as being ardent fans of the Autumn Internationals?

I couldn’t really see them wearing their team shirts and getting all excited and emotional over the anthems as I know that I will inevitably be…

“What do you think?” “Maybe I had misread this couple entirely?”

“NAH…No way!”

“It was a beautiful morning though…honest it was”

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