‘Me n Nanny’

IMG_8122One of the more pleasurable aspects of having a two year old to look after a couple of times a week; is that I get to think up new places to take him. And we always have to ensure that whatever his lunch is to be that day; then this is always enjoyed by Beau in the camper-van. Or as he refers to it ‘The Tampavan’

This shot was taken in Waltham Chase at a park where he had apparently visited on another occasion with his Mum, but had since forgotten.

He tends to favour his Nan when it comes to parks as (now how can I word this diplomatically?) she is the right size and proportion for them both to enjoy most of the facilities on offer. Here they had decided that they should have a go on this cleverly designed double swing; which he thought was great fun.

The only problem in taking him to this particular recreational facility is that it is out in the countryside and therefore many farm tractors and vehicles trundle back and forth along the road beside the park itself. Every time one such vehicle would appear Beau would shout out in his loudest voice…”Have a look Nan!”

Now this in itself isn’t really the issue; but what is an issue for us is the fact that he is then completely distracted from what he is doing momentarily; and so you need eyes in the back of your head with him!

Still he loved his visit though; and we all then went over to the lake by the Old Abbey ruins and trudged through the Autumn leaf fall for half an hour.

So there we have it…Beau back in the blog pages; only this time with his Nanny.

Sitting here this morning with the rain beating down outside we have just received a text from my boy who was enquiring what it was we were all up to today?

In other words “Can we all come over for Sunday lunch and bring the dog?

So next weeks entry will be no doubt be featuring their visit; as well as the chaos which will undoubtedly ensue as a result.

No i’m not complaining; I’m sure that we will all have a great afternoon. It’s just those flipping dishes and the thought of 7 mouths to feed (us included) or 8 if you include the dog!!!

“Still” mustn’t moan eh…I love a peaceful Sunday; don’t you?

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