IMG_8327Took the van down into Southsea again. Purely because the weather has been so bright and sunny; it seemed the logical thing to do?

Sadly though the rain began to fall just as we arrived and so we grabbed a bag of chips from the local ‘chippy’ and stuck the kettle on to have a brew.

Shortly after this a guy pulls up alongside us; just as the hovercraft was just about to leave. He then steps out of his vehicle opens up the boot and he retrieves this very colossal lens; which he proceeds to mount onto the body of his Canon camera. He even appeared to struggle to lift the blooming thing?

I on the other hand; was stood opposite with my very tiny almost insignificant Canon G12; and was also hoping to capture an interesting image of the said hovercraft.

Now maybe it was my imagination but I swear he then gave a cursory glance over in my general direction and offered a wry smile? As if to say it was obvious which of us would be leaving with the better image that day!

Now from my male perspective it felt strange to stand alongside someone with an altogether larger and more professional looking set up than my own! I hope that you are following my drift?

Anyway my question tonight is “Does size matter?” when it comes to photography of course?

Now unfortunately once this gentleman had captured his desired image he then dived back into his car and was gone; before I even had the opportunity to chat to him about what he was hoping to achieve using such an enormous lens?

But then I was reminded of a logo I had recently seen printed onto a guys T-shirt and whom I had noticed jogging along the very stretch of our seafront where this image was taken. It just made me smile to myself! It read:

“It’s not how deep you fish; it’s how you wiggle your worm!”

So if this was taken in the context of photography rather than fishing; does bigger equipment therefore make you the better photographer?

Only saying!

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