‘Going Up?’

IMG_2269This was taken during a recent visit down to Plymouth. We were out in the main shopping mall picking up provisions after which we had all agreed to grab a coffee and a pastry; and to take a look at the views around the town from above.

I was literally pointing the camera at the elevator floor when I noticed the reflection of the legs of the shoppers in front of me were being mirrored on the chrome panelling; thus giving the impression of belonging to the people who were on the elevator opposite!

This looked really strange and so I quickly fired off this image hoping that I had managed to capture this illusion satisfactorily?

Here then is the picture I got. As you can see it looked quite weird with the first pair of legs travelling up and seemingly belonging to the young girl opposite who was actually on her way down?

Then stranger still were the next pair of disembodied legs apparently belonging to no one?

Just thought that it looked quite interesting and has turned out reasonably well under the circumstances; offering the viewer an amusing perspective on this particular means of travel?

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