IMG_6183Walking around Newquay the other day enjoying the amazing sunshine when I saw this incredibly happy go lucky character.

Sitting there outside the surf shop which was appropriately called ‘SMILE’ he seemed to be on good terms with most of the shoppers who walked past him in what I can only assume was his favourite spot to sit? Alongside him was a can of ‘Red Bull’ and a sleeping bag neatly rolled up and encased on it’s waterproof cover. He was wearing some pure white shades and must have been immune from the cold though; because apart from his chunky sweater he was only wearing these cut off shorts, sports socks and trainers.

I was fascinated with his body art and even more-so by the friendly and accommodating attitude he seemed to adopt with everyone he met. I truly do love characters like this gentleman; and it was very obvious that he was well thought of in the town; as many people actually made a point of crossing over the street to greet him that particular morning.

Once again I was left wondering who this man was in the area and how he had ended up gravitating to the beautiful town of Newquay and it’s outstanding beaches. I bet a few people would know this man very well indeed; and have enjoyed a good laugh or two with him as well?

For me though as a visiting street photographer who just happened to be there at the time; I was only able to offer a smile and a nod of my head to acknowledge my grateful appreciation to him for allowing me to capture his image. Unfortunately the woman alongside him was engaged in deep conversation and so I didn’t even get the opportunity to introduce myself; as much as I would have liked to?

Instead I relocated my ‘missus’ and together we headed off down to the precinct to seek out a coffee shop.

Thank God though for characters such as this!

For they are just priceless; in what is rapidly becoming an otherwise busy and somewhat all too impersonal world.

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