‘Victorian Christmas Festival’

IMG_6420Took the family off to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to visit The annual Victorian Christmas Festival.

This is an event which is visited by literally thousands of people and although rather expensive for families; it is something which is not to be missed.

I had intended to post up a selection of images from the day and will happily still do so at a later stage. This is due to the fact that having just handed back the grandchildren; who have been spending the weekend here with us and so we are both comatose; and have decided to crash out on the sofa and just spend tonight watching the box? Peace… perfect peace (Just Bliss!)

But before doing so I thought that it might be a good idea to offer up an image for the blog being as I was so busy yesterday; I never did quite find the time or opportunity.

This then is one such image from yesterday and shows these three young women who between them all were studying a programme featuring Nelson’s famous flagship HMS Victory; and which stands directly behind them as this stunning backdrop.

The lighting for me looked just right at the time I captured this; and I must admit that I was very pleased with the end result.

Hopefully; once I have recovered enough energy to raise myself up off the sofa which I am glancing over towards and which awaits my presence; I shall put some other images up which you might be interested to check out?

Meanwhile; have a brilliant evening everyone and if your reading this just now; then hi! Many thanks for your visit.

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