‘Go Grand-dad!’

IMG_6226Petersfield. And I had decided that it was a while since I had ventured over there.

The temperatures have dropped significantly in UK of late; and so I went well wrapped with my camera in my pocket. As soon as i got there; a board offering mugs of hot chocolate drink was to prove too tempting to resist; and so I partook in a mug before taking a look around. I have to say, it was bloody lovely; and it set me up just right for my proposed photographic walkabout.

In fairness there didn’t seem to be too many opportunities and I was feeling that it was not going to be as productive as I had first anticipated? But then as I strolled back towards the car park I noticed this young lad running up to greet his grand-dad who was just placing the items he had purchased into the front basket of his ‘moto-bility’ scooter parked outside Asda.

I watched as they both chatted to each other; and then the little lad started jumping up and down excitedly and it soon became apparent that he was trying to get his grandfather to give him a lift home on it?

Now although this is probably illegal to the best of my knowledge? I suppose that the temptation was just too great to resist? Soon the pair were on board the scooter and heading just up the street a way to where his grand-dad obviously resided.

I am pleased to announce to anyone reading this though; that this short journey was completed safely by those involved. Although I decided to take the shot at this angle to protect each of their identities. (Just in case?)

Okay… I do of course understand that this is not something that should be seen to be encouraged!

But honestly; if you had seen the reaction on this little lad’s face and the racing car noises he was making; it was just magical!

As far as he was concerned; both him and his grand-dad were on their way to F1 dominance over Lewis Hamilton.

If you closed your eyes; you could almost see the chequered flag at the finish line!

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