imageSaw this rather interesting angelic trumpet playing statue; who was standing in our local high street on a small boxed platform; but was completely motionless.

He drew quite a lot if interest from passers by who were curious to see such a thing! Parents stood and stared; whilst children coaxed a bit of small change from them to place in the statues collecting tin.

As they walked away having placed their coins they each cautiously glanced back as the angel trumpet player suddenly commenced playing and moving around in a much more animated fashion.

Then after just a few minutes the music ended and he once more resumed his motionless pose on top of his box.

This proved a really big temptation to more shoppers who when I was leaving could be seen rifling through their bags and purses to gather up any more small change to entice the resident angel to play more Christmas tunes.

It’s ideas like this which gets folk talking with each other; and it was wonderful to see the broad smiles the angels presence created on this cold December day!


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