‘Race Ya’

IMG_5922“By hec it’s turned cold!” I was on the seafront when this was taken and it was quite busy for the time of day.

I had visited the local shops and was on my way to the chippy; where as I have stated previously; do the most delicious piping hot chips. A place worth the long walk across the common for from Palmerston Road shops.

I had to smile though when I saw this grandmother and her grand daughter both on their respective modes of transport racing along together and headed towards the fun fair. They were not adverse to a bit of speed and although the signs displayed along the length of the promenade clearly state ‘No Cycling’ they dont actually mention moto-bility scooters or indeed kids electric scooters specifically? Therefore in their eyes; this was a perfectly okay thing to be doing. Besides they really looked to be enjoying themselves and were happily cajoling each other along.

The seafront does now become a lot quieter as the winter sets in; but it’s still a great place to visit and you can be sure there is always something going on; even when the weather is at it’s worse.

The little girl won the race by the way; although I have a sneaky feeling that nanny eased back a bit on the run up to the finish line.

By the way the chips I bought were fresh fried and smothered in salt and vinegar. With the strong aroma from the vinegar catching my breath I sat there contentedly on the bench outside dipping each chip into the curry sauce contained in it’s own little polystyrene cup.

Then kicking back I took a large sip from my very large mug of tea. I can honestly say; lunch on Southsea seafront for me… was absolutely delightful!

It’s definitely the little things you know; that make our lives so pleasurable.

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