Market day in Chichester; and if you have ever had the opportunity to visit; then you will possibly have seen this chap on his stall?

He will happily offer to sharpen any items that you might have with you for free? (Good job there’s not a large gang culture in Chichester then eh?

He will also give you a demonstration of just how sharp you can make your knives and other garden implements. The knife he uses though can slice through tomatoes with one stroke without even using your fingers to support the fruit. These slices are absolutely micro thin.



But of course now that you have sliced all these super thin tomatoes you will almost certainly be in need of a coffee? And of course no ordinary coffee will suffice? It must be a frothy creamy consistency; just like the ones in the shops. There is only one tool or the job! Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce the incredible; as seen on TV…one and only ‘Multi-Quirl’?

This little piece of kit can take a cup of semi-skimmed milk and whisk it up into a frenzy. This is achieved with ease of course when using the ‘Multi-Quirl’

And to prove how effective it really is; the semi-skimmed milk turns into the consistency of meringue before the eyes of the assembled crowds; and the seller then proudly turns the cup upside down to show this miraculous change in it’s consistency.

As you can see the audience is captivated and are then offered the deal of the century; that is of course if they purchase both items together?

I never get bored of watching this gentleman perform; and to his credit he maintains a high level of skill and motivation. It’s a very cold and an early start for these people on the market; and the people they interact with aren’t always easy. So good on this fella; who is very entertaining and dedicated in what he does.

I wonder though what happens to all those tomatoes and frothy coffees he conjures up?

If he bought some bread rolls and boiled up the kettle; who knows…there could be another nice little earner there.

What do you think?

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