‘High Tea’

As this is the season of goodwill and all that; we thought we ought to take a drive over to Port Solent. This is an extremely popular venue with really nice places to eat and drink and a brilliant marina for those with boats and yachts etc. There’s one particular drinking hostelry called ‘The Mermaid’ and it’s a place I never tire of visiting. I normally buy a beer or a lager and dependent on the weather I will sit outside and just watch the people going about their business either on the shore or out on the marina itself. Today though Port Solent was hosting a ‘Christmas Market’ and there were a multitude of stalls offering crafts and gifts to the many people who had ventured out. It was a dazzling sunny winters day and one where it made you feel glad to be alive. IMG_8526These two characters above were amongst many others who were there to meet and greet the youngsters (young and old) and to help keep the mood festive throughout the day. Turning the corner I heard the distinct and pleasant lilt of an  Irish accent. And to the delight of the crowds gathered came this totally wonderful woman all dressed in her waitressing outfit and pushing this super size trolley bedecked with cakes and scones and things and a music speaker cunningly concealed in a picnic basket. IMG_8534IMG_8537She was just hilarious; and so animated and happy. A great laugh with a personality which everyone there took an immediate shine to. She danced with all the kids and even did the twist. All whilst singing and waving her arms about expressively whilst balanced precariously on her very long very thin wooden stilt legs; both of which which had the tiniest pair of black heeled shoes placed strategically at the end. IMG_8539IMG_8538 This lady made my day and indeed that of many others. But you know what? To everyone involved in this fun event can I just say well done! And to the Irish waitress in particular serving her high tea and who for me at least stole the show. Merry Christmas to you; and thanks a million for making everyones day a little happier today.

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