‘Manor Farm’

Called my son up yesterday and he was out over at a place called ‘Manor Farm’ walking his crazy boxer dog ‘Diesel’

Parking was a premium and when we arrived and took the slip road off the motorway we wound our way over a series of never ending speed bumps; which although a bit of a pain certainly seem to do the job which they were designed for? In actual fact they slow you down to the extent that you get to look at the wonderful afternoon light from the sun as it bathes the fields and trees creating some beautiful December images.

Eventually the signs we saw along the route for park and ride were gradually removed; and it would appear that we and timed it just right. We were waved through without needing to park some distance away and got right on the the cafe car park which by then had ample spaces available.


This first image then was of our Diesel; seen here waiting patiently. He is almost nine months old now and has a wonderful temperament but is typically scatty for his breed. He wants to say hello to everyone he sees and is just so excitable when other dogs are about. Funnily enough; he is better behaved off the lead than on it? As he tends to forget his increasing size and strength and has a tendency to pull ahead of you. In the background are my son Duncan and his mother enjoying a hot drink together.

Anyway after a decent walk with the dog to visit the farm animals and some of the features we then all made our way back to the van. On the way back though I looked up the pathway in time to see this horse and rider just having come through the bridleway gate on her left; returning from the secret lake.


I really liked the effect the sunlight had once again created. We are so lucky to be able to do things like this at this time of the year.

Anyway it wasn’t long before we were all back in the van and heading back to my sons home; having enjoyed a very pleasurable and truly atmospheric hour together.

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