IMG_6180Newquay! Where I happened across this grandmother out with her little grandson. He was well wrapped up in his pushchair against the elements and really enjoying his time at the shops.

I was opposite the pair initially and was just enjoying watching the interaction they both had which was very amusing. The grandmother obviously doted on this little lad and was making him laugh out loud by either tickling him or making silly faces at him (or occasionally both)

In the end I walked over and asked the lady if she would mind if I took a photograph and she nodded her approval although seemed quite shy about being in shot? I reassured her that I would show her the image once I had taken it and just as she then focused her gaze back towards her grandson he pointed over to me and said clearly to his grandmother “Look”

She then smiled broadly back at him and I clicked the shutter.

I love the eye contact this image has captured…that’s real love that is.

3 thoughts on “‘Look’

  1. I am amazed at the grandson’s gesture, usually one finger is used to point at , looks this fella has mind of his own at such young age!

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